By offering Full Service we can provide a complete range of services spanning the whole life cycle of a building and take into account the highest sustainability requirements. NXT listens to our clients, pays attention to the details and helps our clients identify what really matters to them and what they really need from the project. Important to us is the dialogue with our clients at all stages of the project as only in this way can we optimise our services.

Working closely with clients and other professions, such as structural engineers and MEP engineers, gives us the opportunity to gain important insights early in the design stage.
One tool we use to harness this knowledge is the Building Information Model or BIM for short. By exploiting the full capabilities of BIM, NXT distinguishes itself from other engineering and architects companies. In conjunction with BIM we also use Long-range Maintenance Plans (MOP) and other tools to get a complete picture of the life cycle of a building.
Our holistic approach results in sustainable and energy saving buildings with a healthy indoor climate.

BIM is used in the design of buildings and supports clients with the development, elaboration, construction and utilization of buildings. BIM also allows the information of a building and the construction process to be kept in one central location and where this information can be used as common source of data for the duration of the project and in the future. NXT uses Revit, the leading BIM program, and has done since 2003.

NXT architecture and engineering currently offers services across Europe with special focus in the Netherlands and Germany.
Our client base is wide and includes project developers, investors, (interior) architects, building contractors, public and governmental institutions, housing corporations, international and local companies, education and private clients.

Our international team covers many different specialisations and we always strive for creative solutions, tailor-made for the user and taking into account the location, economics and functional result. NXT is always innovative, critical and challenging in the work that we do.